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Air Freight

JIL’s global Air Freight network of hubs and sub-hubs, backed up by our Road and Rail feeder services and Ocean Freight connections, guarantees our customers door-to-door delivery anywhere in the world. Our best-in-class partners use their buying power to leverage for capacity and cost, thus guaranteeing on-time delivery of your cargo at competitive costs.

Some of our Air Freight services on offer are:

When our customers have to move special or large pieces of equipment, or standard cargo and commercial airline schedules do not allow for the expeditious dispatch of shipments to their destinations, JIL utilizes its extensive international network to access a wide variety of aircraft and carriers to give our customers the solutions that they need. These solutions include heavy-lift requirements and specialized cargo transported across huge distances. We put no limit to the services that we can provide.   

All Commodities
You can rely on JIL to handle any type of cargo that you may need to move. From air freight shipments requiring a temperature controlled climate to hazardous goods, we provide the transportation solution from door-to-door and we utilize our extensive network to ensure that your shipment is protected every step of the way.

Expedited Services
Air Freight services traditionally more expensive, but when shipments are time-sensitive, this mode of transport offers distinct advantages over Ocean Freight. Not least is the utilization of expedited services which guarantee that your goods are put on the designated flight at the stipulated time to meet your strict deadlines and your obligations to your customers. JIL accesses this service from numerous carriers when required and sources the best available rates without sacrificing delivery time.

International Air Freight Services
From some of the most remote parts of the globe to the busiest trade routes, JIL offers Air Freight services that are truly global in nature. As the scope of Caribbean trade stretches to the far reaches of the world, JIL stands ready to support this expansion, through the provision of services that are not only efficient and effective, but flexible in nature.

Reverse Logistics
JIL provides solutions for operations related to the planning, implementing and controlling of the effective flow of raw materials, in-progress inventory, finished goods and related information from the point of consumption to the point of origin for the purpose of recapturing value or proper disposal.

Whether your storage requirements are long or short term, JIL through our network of international partners, offers multi-client warehouse facilities in all corners of the globe. These warehouses are staffed by experienced and competent personnel who efficiently manage all aspects of the storage operation, thus ensuring that our customers are able to focus on their core business activities, knowing that their inventories are well taken of.

Transport Management
JIL utilizes the in-house transportation management experience and expertise of our international partners to provide our customers with unlimited access to all of the major modes of transportation, anywhere in the world. Our expert teams are ready to work with your company to analyze your company’s transportation goals and objectives and to provide solutions that are both timely and cost effective.